Lenghi Teng is a Dutch photographer based in Rotterdam. She was born in 1976 in Vietnam and grew up in a Chinese family. At the age of three she moved to the Netherlands. After her graduation at the University of Applied Photography (2016) in Rotterdam she followed her heart and decided to leave the businessworld for photography. 

Making images is the way for her to express her feelings. Human vulnerability and fragility are the central themes in her works. Her work is recognized by stillness, serenity and modesty.

Lenghi has been selected as Dutch New Talent 2019 by GUP, finalist for the LensCulture Exposure Awards, silver winner in the Fine art Portrait category for the Tokyo International Foto Awards and nominated for the Fine art Portrait category for the Fine Art Photography Awards. Her works have been exhibited and published by several international organizations.

Her statement:

I see and believe in the beauty and strength of vulnerability. To be vulnerable, the ability to be open, is the key to connect with other people and yourself.

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